What is Q Fest?

Another beautiful day for a backyard barbecue contest!
The Stuffed Buffalo Q Fest
Q Fest is an annual amateur backyard barbecue and grilling competition usually held the 2nd or 3rd Saturday in August in Williamsville, NY. We welcome all amateur barbecue and grilling enthusiasts who want to gain experience in a competitive food challenge, or who simply want to have fun and make new friends during an afternoon of great food, live music, and cold drinks.

Animal Rescue
Our Harlow, rescued March 2012.
We are proud each year to use this event to raise money and awareness for local animal rescue efforts and facilities. We do not sell tickets to this event, but rather ask that each person consider a small donation to help local non-profit animal rescue groups. We do not keep any money, 100% of donations are given to help abandoned and abused animals! Since year one, we have been able to make significant contributions with the help of all our guests. Each year after the event, we share the donation news with our followers on Facebook and include a few pictures of the animals we helped save.

The Competition Basics
Registered teams, usually consisting of 2-3 people, pay a small fee to participate. All registration fees go directly to cash prizes awarded to teams in a People's Choice and a Judge's Choice contest.

John and Carter serving up brisket.
Each registered team is given 10 guest tickets for family and friends, with additional tickets given out free of charge on a first come first serve basis.

During the event, teams serve small, sample portions of their food (between 5:10-7:30PM), and every guest with a ticket gets a vote for the best food of the day (voting from 6:30-7:30PM). Teams also serve sample portions to a panel of judges (6:00-6:30PM) who critique and award prizes.

Guests can also get involved by bringing a plate of home-baked cookies and entering them in our Cookie Contest.

The number of teams competing changes each year, but we seem to have settled into a steady average of about ten teams. We can take up to 16 and are always looking for new teams to join us. The event has grown each year and is attended by as many as 200 guests.

Please Join Us!  
I really can't do the event justice by trying to describe it here, but find someone who has been there and ask them! We have an open bar, live music, giveaways...oh just get off your ass and be there this year!

Our official Stuffed Buffalo mascot: Stashu
To get a look at all the pictures from past Q Fest events and to get a feel for how much fun this event is, join us on our companion Facebook page at www.facebook.com/StuffedBuffalo

Email with any questions you might have and we will be glad to get back to you.