Guest Tickets

Please contact us through email or Facebook to be added to our mailing list and have tickets sent to you. Please send mailing address, email address, number of tickets requested, and how you heard about our event.
Please read below for additional information. See you at Q Fest!

Please email request to me here
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Ticket Information
The most often asked question Jill and I get every year is, "How much do tickets cost?". Well folks, the simple answer to that is NOTHING! Tickets have always been free and we simply want guests to come and enjoy an afternoon of great food, live music and good friends.

Now, you will see on the tickets a "$5.00 Suggested Donation", please don't freak out! That doesn't mean you have to show up with money in your pocket to join us. Every year we ask that anyone who chooses can make a small contribution that we donate to local animal rescue groups. 100% of all donations will be given directly to animal rescue groups! Nothing in our pockets! We have three rescued puppies ourselves and making sure other unfortunate animals find their way into loving homes is very important to us. But by all means, if you can't donate that shouldn't stop you from coming to Q Fest!

Why You Need A Ticket
But John, if tickets are free why do we need one at all? Great question moron, I didn't know you were such a deep thinker. Here is the answer:
  • Tickets are needed to participate in the People's Choice competition. Tickets are how we keep track of who has voted so that no one can vote twice.
  • During the event we give out a number of door prizes. The number on your ticket is what we use to choose winners.
  • By knowing how many tickets we hand out, we can give the cooking teams a better idea of how many guests to prepare food for.

Other Things You Should Know
These aren't all about tickets, but the info is important for our guests.

Children are welcome. This is a family event (well, we try anyway). Children are not required to have tickets to attend. They are welcome to try as much of the competition teams' food as they like, and we always have some hotdogs and hamburgers on hand for them just in case.

All guests are encouraged to enter some of their home baked goodies in Jill's Cookie Contest. You can find information HERE.