Cookie Contest

Jill's Home Baked Cookie Contest is open to all guests!

Your hosts, John and Jill.
Any guest wanting to participate in the cookie contest simply needs to bring a small plate with a minimum of six of their finest original cookies to the event. There is no need to register anything ahead of time, just bake 'em and bring 'em. Find Jill when you arrive at Q Fest and she will get your cookies entered.

(If you are new to Q Fest, Jill is the hot tail who co-hosts the event. Just ask around and someone will point her out.)

Jill usually chooses a couple judges prior to the event, and then selects a couple more at random among the guests that day. She always picks at least one younger child to be a judge, so if you bring a little one who may be interested, just ask Jill when you arrive if she still needs anyone to help.

Mmmm! Cookies!
Judge's taste all entries and select cookies to win 1st, 2nd and 3rd places prizes, which are announced at the end of the night. And yes, the judges are given milk to drink while they are tasting!

IMPORTANT! Although you only need to submit six cookies for the contest, extras are much appreciated. We always like to put out all the leftover cookies for the rest of our guests to enjoy after an afternoon of barbecue tasting. This is always a big hit, so if you can bring an extra plate along to share, please do!