Team Registration

Official team registration for Q Fest 2018 is NOW OPEN
Official Competition Rules Now Available: 2018 Rules

To be officially registered, you must pay the $35 fee and provide your team name. Registration fee covers both the People's Choice and Judges' Choice competitions. Payment can be mailed or dropped off to 109 Countryside Lane, Williamsville NY 14221, or Paypal to

Space assignments are now available first to teams who attend the team meeting in May. Blame the drunk assholes who attended the registration team meeting last spring and voted this rule into existence. (Don't blame the drunk asshole in charge who let them do it.) For teams who register after the meeting, spaces can be chosen at that time.

Basic Competition Rules:  

The final rules for Q Fest 2018 will be voted on at the team meeting in May. The following are only a condensed version of the basic cooking competition rules voted in last year. The full version of 2018 rules will be posted once they are approved and must be agreed to by each competition team.

Anyone who is interested in grilling and barbecue is eligible to register a team, however, this is a backyard barbecue event. If you have professional culinary or restaurant experience, we ask that you keep in mind that this event is geared towards amateurs, and that you approach this event in the spirit in which it is intended.

Main Dishes: 
Main dishes should reflect the heart of barbecue and grilling, and that means meat. Leave the side dishes for the vegetarians, but please consider the basics: chicken, ribs, beef, pork, turkey, sausage, lamb, venison, or fish. Anything that had f!@#ing parents. This should be the ingredient you are judged on, and should be the main component of what you serve. Teams must cook their main dish at the event. 

Side Dishes: 
Making a side dish to accompany your main dish remains optional. Side dishes can be made ahead of time, but I personally think making them at the event is more sportsman-like. 

Set Up and Supplies: 
Teams are responsible for transporting all their gear and being set up no later than 3:30 PM the day of the event. Teams should prepare for sun and rain. The event will provide napkins, serving boats, forks, paper towels, and cups. Teams are responsible for anything they need that is not already listed.

Teams must serve all portions of their dishes between 5:10 and 7:30 PM during the event. The idea is not to feed everyone a full meal-size portion of something, but smaller “taste-size” portions. Cook as much or as little as you want, just keep in mind, the more people you can get to taste your food, the more votes you could get. 

Tickets and Voting: 
Each team will be given 10 tickets to be handed out to team members, friends, and family. Tickets are also distributed to volunteers, neighbors, and people who donate door prizes. Any additional tickets will be made available to teams who request them. Any tickets not given out must be returned at the team meeting before the event starts. No Exceptions. All adults are expected to have a ticket. Everyone with a ticket will be able to vote once. This is a cooking competition, not a popularity contest, and teams must encourage their guests to vote honestly for the food they enjoy the most. 

While beer and drinking is all part of the barbecue experience, team members must keep it under control until their food is done being prepared, and after it is all served. Teams are responsible for their behavior and the behavior of their guests.

Awards Information:

All winners will again receive cash prize awards based on the number of registered teams. Criteria for the Judge’s Choice will be shared with teams prior to the event.

Awards to be given out are as follows:
People’s Choice 1st Place
People’s Choice 2nd Place
People’s Choice 3rd Place
Judge’s Choice Winner
Judge’s Choice Best Side Dish
Judge’s Choice Honorable Mention
Stuffed Buffalo Challenge Winner

Jill’s Home Baked Cookie Contest will also give 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place gift card awards.

Happy Cooking and Baking!